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Kids T-Shirt Classic S/RKids T-Shirt Classic S/R
Kids T-Shirt Classic S/R
Sale price24,95€
Kids Hoody Jacket Classic S/RKids Hoody Jacket Classic S/R
Kids Hoody Jacket Classic S/R
Sale price79,95€
Kids Hoody Classic S/RKids Hoody Classic S/R
Kids Hoody Classic S/R
Sale price64,95€
Kids Crewneck Classic S/RKids Crewneck Classic S/R
Kids Crewneck Classic S/R
Sale price54,95€
Playmat MayhemPlaymat Mayhem
Playmat Mayhem
Sale price69,95€



Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Mayhem Kids collection , designed specifically for little adventurers! Our children's clothing, consisting of classic T-shirts , cozy crewneck sweaters , casual hoodies and thick hoody jackets , is in no way inferior to the popular adult line. At Mayhem we not only value unique designs, but also the highest quality and functionality. The children's collection reflects our standards of style and comfort and enables parents and children to shine together in the perfect partner look .

No matter whether the sun is shining or cold winds are blowing – our children's clothing is suitable for every weather and every season. From sturdy fabrics for cool days to lightweight t-shirts for warm days, we offer a diverse selection of clothing for children ages 3 to 12 . The sizes vary from 98/104 to 146/152 and ensure that the young ones are always in the best style. To find the right size, please take a look at the size charts on the product pages of the children's items.
Here is a small guide to help you find the right size for your daughter/son:

98/104 = 3-4 years
110/116 = 5-6 years
122/128 = 7-8 years
134/140 = 9-10 years
146/152 = 11-12 years

A special highlight of our children's collection is the MAYHEM play mat . With meticulous attention to detail, this rug was illustrated directly in our house over hours of work. The street carpet not only offers a comfortable surface , but also a completely new playing experience for kids. The little rascals can discover exciting worlds and let their imaginations run wild. The play mat measures 150cm x 110cm .

Discover the new kids collection online now and immerse yourself in the colorful diversity of our shop. Browse through the different designs, sizes and styles and find the perfect children's clothing that is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable to wear. Mayhem - now for the whole family.

The opinion of our customers is extremely important to us. And those of the children even more so. You can read it here, unfiltered.

Yeeaaaahhhhhhhh, Mayhem!

Jacob H.