Mayhem Weekend X Harley Days 2023 Hamburg - MEN OF MAYHEM

Mayhem Weekend X Harley Days 2023 Hamburg

We're still walking with a cane - 3 days of action were on our agenda.

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Friends of the 13, what a great weekend it was!⁠

Mayhem Weekend 2 locations, one motto: LIVE FAST, SIN HARD!

In our Men of Mayhem flagship store in Hamburg there was a gathering of our community over the Harley Days period, cool drinks and full shelves that invited people to shop. The large outdoor area for resting and chilling was the perfect spot for a break. Well, at least during the day... Things looked a little different at a later time.

At the same time, we were also represented at Harley Days 2023. This time, however, in a slightly different way.

On the occasion of Harley Days, we cooperated with the YouTuber Habu, who directly helped us with our idea. The wording from our side was something like: Habu, we need some really hot shit! We have an idea... Are you up for it?

Habu was on fire and got straight into it. The result could then be admired at Harley Days 2023. A bike box in which every visitor could take photos of themselves and their bike. We wanted to create something where every motorcycle could be perfectly showcased.

Some of you took this so literally that people only posted on the mopeds in their natural meat costume. You can find the highlights of the days in the video.

We have already reported a lot about it on our Instagram account. In the story highlights you will also find the complete creation process of the Bike Box.

We would like to thank all visitors, friends and helpers - both at our stand and in our flagship store! Great that you were there and made our weekend unforgettable!

Here are a few more impressions and a short summary in the form of a video.